While Larry walks with some difficulty and needs a cane or a walker, Larry says, “I don’t have Parkinson’s when I’m on my bike.” His bright red three-wheel
recumbent Catrike is a familiar sight whipping along local roads as he spends afternoons riding around rural South Dakota and even over the bridge to Nebraska.

Recent research suggests that even advanced Parkinson’s patients are able to cycle with seeming ease and that vigorous exercise appears to improve functioning. Larry finds that it gives him the freedom to get around without asking for rides and provides a substantial mood boost. Every morning Larry rides his trike to work, home, and an extra 15 miles as often as possible. The three-wheeled recumbent trike does not require balance and allows Larry to rest on the road when he needs it.

To find out more about Larry’s Expedition model Catrike or to purchase your own, visit Catrike online.

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