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Fiscal Sponsorship & Tax-Deductible Status

Your donation is tax deductible. Ride with Larry is a fiscally sponsored project of the International Documentary Association (IDA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization. Contributions on behalf of Ride with Larry are payable to IDA and are tax deductible less the value of any goods or services received, as allowed by law. The value of goods and services being offered is noted under each donation level.

IDA will administer all funds received on behalf of Ride with Larry and exercise financial oversight to assure that funds are spent for their designated purpose. IDA will issue a receipt for tax purposes. For more information on fiscal sponsorship please visit or email

Option 1: Personal Donations

Donations can be made directly to the film through Pay-Pal on the International Documentary Association website or by mailing a check to the International Documentary Association.

***All check donations must be made out to the International Documentary Association (or IDA) with “Ride with Larry” written somewhere on each check, preferably on the memo line.***

Checks should be mailed to:

Attention: Fiscal Sponsorship Donations
1201 West 5th Street
Suite M270
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Option 2: Non-Cash/In-Kind Donations

Any non-cash/in-kind donations can be handled directly by the production team on Ride with Larry. Please contact us at for more information. Donors of any non-cash/in-kind donations will receive a receipt from the IDA, in accordance with IRS regulations, describing the goods donated in detail. The production team will quantify the donation and confirm its deductibility.

You can reach us by mail at:

Ride with Larry
PO Box 656
San Luis Rey, CA 92068

Where these donations go:

A documentary film takes an enormous amount of resources, time and effort to create. All funds raised go directly towards production of this film. Some areas in which funds are allocated include travel, equipment, and crew. We will travel across the country to bring you Larry’s journey as well as interview doctors, athletes, and discover other captivating and inspirational stories along the way. These funds will also help make Larry’s ride this spring possible and distribute this film to as wide an audience as possible. Here is a small sample of what we hope to accomplish with these funds in 2011:

1. Film Larry in South Dakota this February to document his winter training and begin his video blogs
2. Travel to Europe to film two very important research studies
3. Interview geneticists studying Parkinson’s and collecting 10,000 genetic samples of Parkinson’s patients
4. Interview Larry’s neurosurgeon in San Francisco
5. Travel to states such as Ohio, Georgia, New York, Connecticut and more where doctors and researchers are working on curing Parkinson’s and improving lives
6. Find the youngest person with Parkinson’s
7. Travel to South Dakota this May & June to follow Larry as he rides across his state
8. Many more interviews with experts, spokespersons, and patients in the Parkinson’s field

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