Ricardo Villarreal

Ricardo Villarreal (Co-Director/Producer) graduated with a B.A. in Communication Sciences from Monterrey Institute of Technology and has an MBA from the University of Tampa. Passionate about the arts and the world of expressions, Ricardo has been a violinist in a symphonic orchestra, a radio announcer, a news anchor, and most recently directed The Dominguez, a documentary about the history of Los Angeles and California which premiered on PBS in 2010. Devoted to making a positive impact in the world, Ricardo traveled to the slums of Kibera, Kenya in 2006 as a humanitarian-aid volunteer to help operate a clinic that treated kids suffering from malaria. In 2007 he started a campaign in Mexico to defend the rights of non-smokers, which was fulfilled when the Federal Government approved a law protecting non-smokers in 2008. An avid traveler, his trips have taken him to over 200 international destinations on 5 different continents.

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