“I may have used an entire box of tissues watching this…

There comes a point in the movie when they fly to San Diego for some medical marijuana. It’ll be a rather persuasive portion of the movie for anybody that’s against the legalization.

When I sat down to watch this, I thought I’d give it 30 minutes. After the hour and 30 minute documentary finished, I wish I had another 30 hours to watch the Smith’s.” – Josh Board

“With Larry, they have achieved the near-impossible: a dramatically compelling, life-embracing love story that never once solicits pity and leaves all other so-called “disease-of-the-week” docs in the dust.” – Scott Marks

“The reason why this documentary hits all the emotional notes is that Larry Smith is a genuine human being with an unbelievable personality and sense of humor. This is a man who is not doing this ride for fame.”

Ride with Larry is an extraordinary moving story that would be impossible to walk away from it without some sort of emotional response. It’s an uplifting tale of the human spirit. When obstacles are in Larry’s way he finds a way around them and when he falls down he gets right back up. Larry is not only an inspiration to those who suffer from the same disease as he does, but is an inspiration to us all.” – Dustin Jansick

Festivals & Accolades

  • Monterrey International Film Festival
    • Additional screening booked after multiple sold out showings
    • Invitation to screen at city-wide arts festival
  • Puebla International Film Festival
  • South Dakota Film Festival
    • Jury Award for Inspiration
  • San Diego Film Festival
    • Champagne reception hosted by film festival with special guests: Americans for Safe Access, Scripps Hospital Summit4StemCell research group, Parkinson’s Association of San Diego, Catrike, Davis Phinney Foundation
  • Orlando Film Festival
    • Audience Award for Feature Film
    • Most Inspirational Film Award
  • Special Vermillion screening.  A week of sold out showings to thank the town for their participation and support of Larry and Betty.


  • Milenio morning news: National News broadcast with host Hector Medina
  • Multimedios show “Cambios”: one of Mexico’s most popular round table talk shows similar to Meet the Press.
  • Televisa “Estamos Contigo”: Popular program about the happenings in the Monterrey.
  • Telediario News on Multimedios. Top local news program in Monterrey.
  • Epicentro TV: Popular web tv channel on news and culture.
  • KPBS Evening Edition

  • San Diego Mayoral Debate, “Ride with Larry” discussed during medical marijuana topic

Newspaper / Print / Magazine


  • Frecuencia Tec 94.9 FM: On “Cine 2×1”, program about upcoming films and movie reviews.
  • Radio UDEM 90.5 FM

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