larry’s ride

Every person is at risk of developing an incurable disease. How we deal with it is in our hands. Larry Smith told his wife Betty he wants to do one last big thing before it’s too late. Larry will undertake a daunting 300 mile trek across the plains of South Dakota to raise awareness of Parkinson’s and to send a powerful message of hope: Sometimes the only cure is living life to its fullest.

After 20 years living with Parkinson’s, Larry must not only overcome the ever-present symptoms of Parkinson’s, but freezing rain, blustering winds, and scorching heat throughout his journey home.

Larry refuses to be defined by his diagnosis. From pushing his limits on his bike to exploring the benefits of Medical Marijuana, Larry holds steadfast to one unshakable philosophy: “If you love life, you’ll fight for it.”

Ride with Larry is an intimate portrait of a man challenged by Parkinson’s, the love of his life who stands by his side, and the community that champions his indomitable spirit. Larry Smith wants to do one last big thing before it’s too late. And everyone is invited to ride.

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